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Towards a Productive Ummah

What I like about it?

Daily tips and guides on improving productivity by practicing Islam.

Each productive tips includes:

  • Quranic reference; what Allah says about it?
  • Sunnah; how it was practiced by the Prophet(SAWS) and his companions?

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Do what?

David Sides Music(http://themusicofdavidsides.com/)

He started as a normal youtube users and uploading his own version of cover of different music through piano.

He didn’t know where it will go when people would criticise him and there were lot of rivals around him.

He really didn’t know where he was going.

What he knew was more than enough.He knew he loved music, he is in entirely different world when he does so. He just loves doing it.

He knew that if he loves it there are people who is gonna like it.

He became clear that this is what he will do.

Not because he has to do it. Not because this is the best thing around but because he loves to do it.He cannot live without doing it.

You see there is nothing perfect or best.

Believe that you are important and be honest with what you like.

Respect your likes and

never ask me again; do what?!

Digital Art

I had to brainstrom over it

What u can do when you are bored..

Just do what u like….and forget if its gnna either help you or not, whether its gnna be important or not.

Trivia: These worries just make up my 23 hrs of 24 hr.

Today I thought of reading and share one of the recent trend; Digital Art.I am not going to write anything new coz that needs a lot of study, just randomly link some of the nice posts written on this topic who took the trouble to study and share their real life experience. So I am just going to compile some of them which I found interesting.

I am going to study it for a week and by next week hopefully there will be some good collection of articles and videos

My outline of the contents of the study:

  • What is Digital Art?
  • The Technology Digital Art>> Hardware and Software
  • The Artist
  • Production>>Anime, Animation

Digital Art

It is the effective fusion of Digital Technology and Art.

I have been reading some artist thought on it and they are all happy about it but they warn

‘technology shouldn’t define your artwork but assist you and remain as a tool’

Ideas worth sharing!

U ask someone a solution fr a problem and he will open his floodgate of solutions….I mean who says we are short of solutions.

Just the problem is that we are short of solutions that actually works…

There is always a solution, but only some stands out!

A solution starts from an idea.

The idea is just 1% progress and the rest 99% is the application.

That’s why among 6 billion peoples 12 billion idea only 10 ideas got the attention by not just any organization but the boss of organizations; google.

Ignorance is a crime, crime is a sin, sin leads to hell, hell is painful and very hot!

Ignorance to this top ideas and their applicatoin is a capital crime.

So lets analyze them one by one.

Is it true to its word?


To Market Yourself…


some of the words that used to comes in my mind the moment I would hear someone say marketing , so i would easily avoid it as ‘not my thing’ coz I am in engineering stream and that is commerce stuff.A serious misconception!

I was preparing for my cv and since it was my first time writing one I thought i would ask for some guidance. Bradley becomes the sorry victim(Hes is very nice person).Can u; if u dont mind; write a cv fr me..hes the type of person who goes mute when saying no(or perhaps we go deaf when he says no!). It is then he tells me what is the real meaning of marketing.

”You have to market yourself” thats basically what cv is about.

You have the product and the customer is looking for one. You cant force him to buy it since its his choice but u can at least let him know what u got and give ur reasons why u think he might need ur product(coz u actually made the product keeping him in mind), then he will measure his need and compare it with your product to make the choice or decision.

In case of cv the product is ur skill. The same goes in interview where marketing means how one represents himself.

I was a bit surprised to realize how this concept is very relevant to most aspects of life.

Marketing skill

Marketing idea aka brand

Marketing product

Marketing service

and so on..

i noticed that there is another very common word that describes marketing; promoting

once again to revise the concept


they are all very common with slight or no difference.

Special Effects in my Favorite Movies

Some of my Favorite Movies:






Cameron pioneered a specially designed camera built into a 6-inch boom that allowed the facial expressions of the actors to be captured and digitally recorded for the animators to use later.

A number of revolutionary visual effects techniques were used in the production of Avatar. According to Cameron, work on the film had been delayed since the 1990s to allow the techniques to reach the necessary degree of advancement to adequately portray his vision of the film.The director planned to make use of photorealistic computer-generated characters, created using new motion-capture animation technologies he had been developing in the 14 months leading up to December 2006.

Innovations include a new system for lighting massive areas like Pandora’s jungle,a motion-capture stage or “volume” six times larger than any previously used, and an improved method of capturing facial expressions, enabling full performance capture. To achieve the face capturing, actors wore individually made skull caps fitted with a tiny camera positioned in front of the actors’ faces; the information collected about their facial expressions and eyes is then transmitted to computers.According to Cameron, the method allows the filmmakers to transfer 100% of the actors’ physical performances to their digital counterparts.Besides the performance capture data which were transferred directly to the computers, numerous reference cameras gave the digital artists multiple angles of each performance.A technically challenging scene was near the end of the film when the computer-generated Neytiri held the live action Jake in human form, and attention was given to the details of the shadows and reflected light between them.

The lead visual effects company was Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand, at one point employing 900 people to work on the film.Because of the huge amount of data which needed to be stored, cataloged and available for everybody involved, even on the other side of the world, a new cloud computing and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system named Gaia was created by Microsoft especially for Avatar, which allowed the crews to keep track of and coordinate all stages in the digital processing.To render Avatar, Weta invented a new system called Mari, and used a 10,000 sq ft (930 m2) server farm making use of 4,000 Hewlett-Packard servers with 35,000 processor cores running Ubuntu Linux and the Grid Engine cluster manager.The render farm occupies the 193rd to 197th spots in the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Creating the Na’vi characters and the virtual world of Pandora required over a petabyte of digital storage,and each minute of the final footage for Avatar occupies 17.28 gigabytes of storage.To help finish preparing the special effects sequences on time, a number of other companies were brought on board, including Industrial Light & Magic, which worked alongside Weta Digital to create the battle sequences. ILM was responsible for the visual effects for many of the film’s specialized vehicles and devised a new way to make CGI explosions.Joe Letteri was the film’s visual effects general supervisor.


What is Cloud Computing? part 2

Web 2.0

What is the relation between web 2.0 and cloud computer.

Its simple the concept of cloud computer has been manifested through web 2.0

What is web 2.0

the definition could means a loss of my precious 32 teeth, I will simply say what it can and has done: it has transformed the internet world from simple html interactivity to full fledged pc interactivity.

Remember the time(I can hardly remember) when going to internet would mean just click on a link within a  page that would take you to another page full of links to other pages.

Slowly they started putting other interactions like the gadgets and add ins we see inside a blog to the extent that there are pages that act as application.

Here let me give u one that i visited some days ago.

Digital Art :


Text Editor:







there evniornment sample http://www.khanacademy.org/exercises?exid=chain_rule_1

its really amazing and I will really look hard to implement it on my website.