Know thy Audience!


They say they are biggest rival there is; to the point that CEO of both the companies act like kids sometime in their presentation insulting and defending each other.
I have not been a follower from the beginning although I have been using Microsoft and would hear the name of apple once in a while; honestly to me the name sounded stupid and i couldnt picture how could anyone be so lame to prefer the Apple over the cool Microsoft.
Until it all started when the first iphone comes out with the nice interface and the home screen….it was everywhere in magazines and newspaper….picture of some goldfish swimming in a very clear pond…
I was not that much into smartphones then or PDA and I am not now but the look was obviously somth…to die fr owning one.
There might be a lot of difference between them as you can find from any user but I have noticed what i call as the fundamental difference
Both has the technology and top notch masterminds but apple gets the edge by being good at marketing….pleasing the consumers…their audience is very ordinary public(having basic or no computing knowledge)..which means all they are targeitng the business man….the people who want to use tech and can afford it but has no idea about technology
Where windows fell short of it
Using windows one regrets being not born as a technerd and at points feel like smashing the computer
but apple makes u feel important and knows how to entertain.
They can understand the customer(its almost like they have phsycologist-if that means expert in human feeling) and made it their target to entertain the customer…the first somthng which is not a Hollywood movie, show or ice cream can make us excited to that level and even more.
Microsoft targets big companies and unfortunately had to sacrifice ordinary consumers.


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