App review: Desk Duster

My desktop is always a mess and its traumatic pain to organize them to a single icon which i dont want to go through.

The problem is they simply ruin some rlly nice wallpaper…

A little google and thats what i find for the solution..

DeskDuster 2010 –  build 1.03.01

DeskDuster 2010 is a program specifically designed to clean desktop from icons, allowing the user to look at the wallpaper images while the PC is inactive.

The program will load automatically with Windows, monitoring PC inactivity: if inactivity time ( default = 5 min ) will be reached, the program will make all of the icons on the desktop disappear. To see the icons again, simply move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

On program startup, an icon will be pplaced on Windows the tray bar: double clicking the icon a small interface will appear, giving the option to modify the interval of PC inactivity time to be monitored, right clicking the icon will popup a small menu for options.

I was referred to the main website from this very useful blog of Technix Update



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