What is Cloud Computing?

Its as it sounds, a computer that is like a cloud

A system which is always floating  above us wherever we go.

It has everything a computer can have

  • Multimedia
  • Application
  • Information
  • Game
  • Storage(to keep ur personal documents)

at least  these are the things i noticed so far in my 19 years of life.

U only need a mean to connect to that floating computer above ur head which is usually the desktop, notebook and mobile.

That system is coined as cloud computer.

The technology giants are trying to catch up with this concept and the latest develpment so far I know is Google Chrome OS.

Its an OS which makes use of the existence of cloud computing.

The cloud computers:


  • watch online movies,shows, documentaries
  • listen online songs,radio
  • Share online photos


  • Text: Google Documents
  • Photo Editor: Picasa Online and other millions of online editing applications


  • the mega Google search engine with dictionary,currency converter feature and maps and lots of other stuff


  • play online games


  • Google documents
  • Sky driver

Arguments and their counter reply;

The things people might complain are: Strong games like Prince of Persia and Modern Warfare needs space and mega processor

-buy PS3 or Xbox

Heavy Editing and developing application needs processing speed

-go to hell

Alright alright hardwares are not yet out the window maybe they will live long but they have keep evolving to survive this scare.

Basically this cloud computing is for the general public for general use for whom an cloud computing OS is good not for professional who needs it for their job and for the next gen stuff that are coming(super computing)

So both intel and google have a tie for now; alrit guys shake hands and no more bashing each other.

U both contribute although differently.

It depends which customer u r targeting.


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