What is Cloud Computing? part 2

Web 2.0

What is the relation between web 2.0 and cloud computer.

Its simple the concept of cloud computer has been manifested through web 2.0

What is web 2.0

the definition could means a loss of my precious 32 teeth, I will simply say what it can and has done: it has transformed the internet world from simple html interactivity to full fledged pc interactivity.

Remember the time(I can hardly remember) when going to internet would mean just click on a link within a  page that would take you to another page full of links to other pages.

Slowly they started putting other interactions like the gadgets and add ins we see inside a blog to the extent that there are pages that act as application.

Here let me give u one that i visited some days ago.

Digital Art :


Text Editor:







there evniornment sample http://www.khanacademy.org/exercises?exid=chain_rule_1

its really amazing and I will really look hard to implement it on my website.


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