To Market Yourself…

some of the words that used to comes in my mind the moment I would hear someone say marketing , so i would easily avoid it as ‘not my thing’ coz I am in engineering stream and that is commerce stuff.A serious misconception!

I was preparing for my cv and since it was my first time writing one I thought i would ask for some guidance. Bradley becomes the sorry victim(Hes is very nice person).Can u; if u dont mind; write a cv fr me..hes the type of person who goes mute when saying no(or perhaps we go deaf when he says no!). It is then he tells me what is the real meaning of marketing.

”You have to market yourself” thats basically what cv is about.

You have the product and the customer is looking for one. You cant force him to buy it since its his choice but u can at least let him know what u got and give ur reasons why u think he might need ur product(coz u actually made the product keeping him in mind), then he will measure his need and compare it with your product to make the choice or decision.

In case of cv the product is ur skill. The same goes in interview where marketing means how one represents himself.

I was a bit surprised to realize how this concept is very relevant to most aspects of life.

Marketing skill

Marketing idea aka brand

Marketing product

Marketing service

and so on..

i noticed that there is another very common word that describes marketing; promoting

once again to revise the concept


they are all very common with slight or no difference.


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