Digital Art

I had to brainstrom over it

What u can do when you are bored..

Just do what u like….and forget if its gnna either help you or not, whether its gnna be important or not.

Trivia: These worries just make up my 23 hrs of 24 hr.

Today I thought of reading and share one of the recent trend; Digital Art.I am not going to write anything new coz that needs a lot of study, just randomly link some of the nice posts written on this topic who took the trouble to study and share their real life experience. So I am just going to compile some of them which I found interesting.

I am going to study it for a week and by next week hopefully there will be some good collection of articles and videos

My outline of the contents of the study:

  • What is Digital Art?
  • The Technology Digital Art>> Hardware and Software
  • The Artist
  • Production>>Anime, Animation

Digital Art

It is the effective fusion of Digital Technology and Art.

I have been reading some artist thought on it and they are all happy about it but they warn

‘technology shouldn’t define your artwork but assist you and remain as a tool’


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