What is Cloud Computing?

Its as it sounds, a computer that is like a cloud

A system which is always floating  above us wherever we go.

It has everything a computer can have

  • Multimedia
  • Application
  • Information
  • Game
  • Storage(to keep ur personal documents)

at least  these are the things i noticed so far in my 19 years of life.

U only need a mean to connect to that floating computer above ur head which is usually the desktop, notebook and mobile.

That system is coined as cloud computer.

The technology giants are trying to catch up with this concept and the latest develpment so far I know is Google Chrome OS.

Its an OS which makes use of the existence of cloud computing.

The cloud computers:


  • watch online movies,shows, documentaries
  • listen online songs,radio
  • Share online photos


  • Text: Google Documents
  • Photo Editor: Picasa Online and other millions of online editing applications


  • the mega Google search engine with dictionary,currency converter feature and maps and lots of other stuff


  • play online games


  • Google documents
  • Sky driver

Arguments and their counter reply;

The things people might complain are: Strong games like Prince of Persia and Modern Warfare needs space and mega processor

-buy PS3 or Xbox

Heavy Editing and developing application needs processing speed

-go to hell

Alright alright hardwares are not yet out the window maybe they will live long but they have keep evolving to survive this scare.

Basically this cloud computing is for the general public for general use for whom an cloud computing OS is good not for professional who needs it for their job and for the next gen stuff that are coming(super computing)

So both intel and google have a tie for now; alrit guys shake hands and no more bashing each other.

U both contribute although differently.

It depends which customer u r targeting.


App review: Desk Duster

My desktop is always a mess and its traumatic pain to organize them to a single icon which i dont want to go through.

The problem is they simply ruin some rlly nice wallpaper…

A little google and thats what i find for the solution..


DeskDuster 2010 –  build 1.03.01

DeskDuster 2010 is a program specifically designed to clean desktop from icons, allowing the user to look at the wallpaper images while the PC is inactive.

The program will load automatically with Windows, monitoring PC inactivity: if inactivity time ( default = 5 min ) will be reached, the program will make all of the icons on the desktop disappear. To see the icons again, simply move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

On program startup, an icon will be pplaced on Windows the tray bar: double clicking the icon a small interface will appear, giving the option to modify the interval of PC inactivity time to be monitored, right clicking the icon will popup a small menu for options.

I was referred to the main website from this very useful blog of Technix Update



wonderful words..

I was researching for some hadith when i come across this wonderful list of hadith by ‘listenup’


– The best of the houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness.

– Much silence and a good disposition, there are no two things better than these.

– Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.

– When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, look to those, who have been given less.

– It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is, better still to sit with the good than alone. It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to remain silent; but silence is better than idle words.

– The best richness is the richness of the soul.

– A Muslim who meets with others and shares their burdens is better than one who lives a life of seclusion and contemplation.

– To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.

– A Muslim has five duties towards another Muslim; to return a salutation, visit the sick, follow funerals, accept an invitation and say     ‘God have mercy on you’ when one sneezes.

– He who has in his heart as much faith as a grain of mustard seed will not enter hell, and he who has in his heart as much pride as a        grain of mustard seed will not enter paradise.

– The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry.

– Those who are merciful have mercy shown them by the Compassionate One, if you show mercy to those who are in the earth, He  Who is in heaven will show mercy to you.

– What is Faith? When your good deed pleases you and your evil deed grieves you, you are a believer. What is Sin? When a thing  disturbs (the peace of) your heart, give it up.

–  When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of the religion, so let him fear God regarding the remaining half.

Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.


“History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought”–Etienne Gilson

It reminded of an article I was reading about the guy who founded the Ford.

He says that the problem with people is that we underestimate the wise and old by saying they are just obsolete and waste.

Sounds cool and modern but pure ignorance(in my word bull***t!)

He gave the point that we are gonna just repeat the same mistake wen we ignore them.

Its like the world didnt move at all, its back where it is

Its because they are in fact a step ahead of us as they know the consequence.

They have that priceless forecast.

So freaking burst ur bubble and grow up….respect elders!

Time Management

People can have a lifestyle ranging from plain to wierd to weirdest and so is their schedule but at the basic there are key things that are common and essential in anyones daily schedule.

Its very simple; IMO(in my opinion),  a decent schedule should let you enjoy two things;

personal life

official life

they shouldnt interrupt each other and should be experienced to the full.

When you are doing official its all work and no distraction like thinking what are the things you want to do at home or how ur gonna party at the next friends hangout.

Similarly when you are at home u have forbidden the world of work and its now time to relax, rock and roll pursue the sweet little dreams or a hangout with some really long time friends to pour out the accumulated heart.

Keep things simple and basic!

I think its worth giving a try at the ‘minimalistic’ life.

Know thy Audience!


They say they are biggest rival there is; to the point that CEO of both the companies act like kids sometime in their presentation insulting and defending each other.
I have not been a follower from the beginning although I have been using Microsoft and would hear the name of apple once in a while; honestly to me the name sounded stupid and i couldnt picture how could anyone be so lame to prefer the Apple over the cool Microsoft.
Until it all started when the first iphone comes out with the nice interface and the home screen….it was everywhere in magazines and newspaper….picture of some goldfish swimming in a very clear pond…
I was not that much into smartphones then or PDA and I am not now but the look was obviously somth…to die fr owning one.
There might be a lot of difference between them as you can find from any user but I have noticed what i call as the fundamental difference
Both has the technology and top notch masterminds but apple gets the edge by being good at marketing….pleasing the consumers…their audience is very ordinary public(having basic or no computing knowledge)..which means all they are targeitng the business man….the people who want to use tech and can afford it but has no idea about technology
Where windows fell short of it
Using windows one regrets being not born as a technerd and at points feel like smashing the computer
but apple makes u feel important and knows how to entertain.
They can understand the customer(its almost like they have phsycologist-if that means expert in human feeling) and made it their target to entertain the customer…the first somthng which is not a Hollywood movie, show or ice cream can make us excited to that level and even more.
Microsoft targets big companies and unfortunately had to sacrifice ordinary consumers.